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New ways of working – FWA, Remote, Hybrid, Autonomous – invariably revolve around the idea that people – usually their knowledge workers – can Work From Home (WFH) for some or all of their working hours. The pandemic accelerated the trend towards WFH, and now around 70% of the knowledge workforce WFH at least one day a week. If anything, research suggests that they’d like to WFH more frequently; this new way of working has become an established way of working in just two years.

How does home working affect staff, teams, organisations and workplace communities? Is it an enabler for greater personal autonomy, organisational productivity and economic growth, or a detrimental step that is set to impact our working lives, businesses and national economy negatively?

Our consultancy helps organisations in the UK think through the impact of home working on their business and if they should stick – to these new ways of working – or twist – back to the received wisdom of an in-person ‘office’.

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Areas of Practice

Remote & Hybrid Team Consultancy

Our business consulting team provides advice and implementation services to virtual, remote and hybrid teams. We help our clients tackle the essentials. We ensure they have the right mix of skills and abilities on their team for remote, hybrid or virtual work. We assess and meet your team’s technological needs. We clarify the goals, processes, and norms you’ll use to communicate and collaborate with your team from afar. Despite the geography, we provide strategies to keep your people motivated, engaged, and accountable. And we help team leaders to rebuild trust and surface and resolve conflict when they can’t always see how people are working together.

Virtual Offices

Our professional services team helps organisations explore the potential of game-based technologies such as the Metaverse, Proximity or Spatial AV, and virtual real estate as practical and viable alternatives to traditional offices. A virtual office acts as a bonding agent – a replacement for the physical office – emulating many attributes of in-person environments to help different organisational layers behave like a single unit. Our team works with clients to explore the concepts of virtual offices and how well these environments can recreate the organisational glue that physical offices increasingly struggle to provide. As a result, we’ve helped organisations create high-functioning teams, establish cultural norms, and facilitate the learning of new generations entering the world of work. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organisation adapt to the new world of work and solve workplace model challenges.

Online Workplace Communities

Our consultancy services help organisations leverage workplace communities to enhance collaboration and achieve their goals. Whether formal or informal, workplace communities can co-exist alongside traditional organisational structures and bring together different teams and departments to share ideas and provide support. Our team specialises in helping third-sector and Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs) explore the use of virtual environments to form sustainable online communities. We help create shared digital workplaces for organisations with a common identity and purpose, promoting the visibility of up to 500 people across dozens of organisations. Our consultancy services also include helping these organisations provide shared services such as HR, IT, finance, or volunteering brokerage and good practice development to enable consistent programs and seamless client journeys. This approach ensures that our clients can provide a more humane digital channel for their clients, making it easier for them to access services and support. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your organisation leverage workplace communities and virtual environments to achieve its goals.

An office – or workplace – must act as a bonding agent: helping the different organisational layers behave like a single unit, thus increasing the strength and performance of the structure.”

– Mark Terry

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