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The virtual workplace

Make home working work

The workplace has changed: working at home is mainstream. No longer just for boutique consultancies or a perk for over-worked senior executives forced to “catch-up” on a Friday. The pandemic propelled organisations to enable Working At Home. And now that the genie is out of the bottle – many don’t want to go back.

In practice, employees have experienced the benefits and organisations have seen the potential for cost savings. And yet, there are challenges. Employees miss the social contact and business leaders are concerned about culture, knowledge transfer, innovation and the long term impact on productivity and staff retention rates.

The team at Digital Conversation is tackling those concerns. We integrate enterprise tools into customised spaces on the Gather platform; helping organisations provide virtual office space that mitigates the risks of home working.

What We Do

All projects are different. Some organisations prefer to think strategically and consider the first principles of their virtual and hybrid workplaces: which use cases; which experiences are we aiming to facilitate? Others, choose to work tactically, incrementally modifying small deployments until they find a formula they’re prepared to roll with. Either way, your project is going to need three types of support to be successful in the long-term.

Virtual Office Design

We design, build and maintain Gather 2D, 3D and mixed-dimensional (where 2 & 3D are combined) spaces to suit your virtual workplace requirements.

Workplace Consultancy

We help our clients to focus on the key personal, community and organisational experiences that will sustain their virtual office spaces.


Digital Tool integration

Our professional services team helps organisations integrate tools such as digital assistants or non-player characters (NPC) into their virtual HQs.


Nourishing informal collisions

We all remember our first ‘proper’ job. Mine, was with a firm of accountants in London, just south of the river. I don’t recall the training or audits… but I do remember the people. We all remember the people, the awkward moments, the funny moments, chatting with mentors after hours listening to their experiences and stories. These are the moments that shaped our experience – the informal gatherings and discussions.

Working from home has eradicated those experiences for seventy-five percent of the working population. Formal, scheduled meetings have kept us in touch, but they’ve failed to nourish the organisation, its communities and people. We need to find ways to rekindle the informal, social, ad hoc serendipitous discussions that create organisational connectivity. 


Digital Conversation is a pioneering firm of technologists who see a better way to enable the remote and hybrid workplaces of the future. We see beyond the novelty of digital spaces (cool as they are) and help organisations to realize their benefits, whilst overcoming their limitations.

We don’t build digital ghost towns. We create branded digital workplaces that complement your physical (analogue) spaces and encourage informal collisions.

Let’s Build Something

If you’d like to understand how we can support your virtual office project and team, please send an email or complete this form:
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